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WashYourAir™ Dry Hydroperoxide Technology
Air Fantastic's WashYourAir™ Technology continuously produces Dry Hydroperoxide ions plus three additional ions directly from moisture and oxygen as air passes through the machine.   What is unique about the WashYourAir™ Dry Hydroperoxide Ion is that it is able to travel outside of the machine and sanitize both air and surfaces.  The three other WashYourAir™ ions are Super Oxide Ion, Hydroxyl Radical Ion and Ozonide Ion.   The cleaning action of these ions remain mainly inside the machine and the ions rarely exit machine.  The Ozonide ion is a weak derivative of the ozone ion that quickly breaks down and measures practically at zero or very negligible when measure 3 feet or further from the unit. WashYourAir™ ions have practically no odor unlike strong ozone generating units.

Washing the Air
WashYourAir™ is a filterless technology that actually continuously washes the air and surfaces with safe and practically odorless sanitizing ions to protect you and your family from germs and a variety of indoor contaminants including Airborne Particulates, Airborne Microbial, Odors, Chemicals such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and the MRSA bacteria.   After turning on your Air Fantastic unit, you will notice that the air inside your home is remarkably clean in just days and in some cases hours.   

Ebola Virus
Currently, the facts surrounding the transmission of Ebola seems to be fluid.  All viruses need a host body (animal or human) in order to multiply. The Ebola virus is mainly transmitted from infected body fluid (blood, vomit, feces, etc) from an infected Ebola patient.  The Ebola virus is believed to survive for only hours after leaving the body as the body fluid dries in contrast to a flu virus that can survive 1 to 14 days outside the body.   Current decontamination procedures use industrial strength liquid Hydrogen Peroxide to treat Ebola contaminated areas.

WashYourAir™ produces dry hydroperoxide ions that saturates the entire indoor air space with sanitizing ions 24 hours a day to clean air and surfaces. It has been proven that WashYourAir™ ions can even sanitize the deadly surface bacteria, MRSA (not a virus).  One could use Air Fantastic's industrial units (IonBlaster Mini and IonBlaster 1000) which produce high levels of WashYourAir™ ions as part of a decontamination process (unoccupied only).   Air Fantastic's residential and commercial products can be used in occupied areas and "may" reduce the chances of Ebola transmission.  NOTE: The Ebola outbreak is a new virus and WashYourAir™ has not been tested to reduce transmission of the Ebola virus.

Airborne Particulates (up to 99%)
WashYourAir™ continuously washes the air and neutralizes particulates (pollen, dust, dander, etc.) causing them to fall to the ground.   In an independent university test study (W. Texas A&M), WashYourAir™ was able to reduce particulates by up to 99% in just four days.   Both large and small particulates were reduced.  Large particulates (larger than 2.5 microns) can be dust, dander, pollen.   Small particulates (smaller than .5 micron) can be airborne microbial (bacteria/mold) and viruses such as the flu virus.  For example, a live flu virus can float in the air for 1 to 14 days. WashYourAir™ reduces particulates and may also reduce the number of flu viruses floating in the air.  

Airborne Microbial (up to 99%)
Airborne Microbial are usually single cell organism of a bacteria, mold or fungus that float in the air and can easily be inhaled. The Mayo Clinic has determined that up to 95% of Chronic Sinusitis sufferers (sinusitis for more than 3 months) are due to fungus that isfloating in the air.  In an independent university test study (W. Texas A&M), WashYourAir™ was able to reduce particulates by up to 99% in just four days.   Many people with chronic nasal congestion have reported alleviation of some or all symptoms after introducing WashYourAir™ into their home or office.

WashYourAir™ ions eliminate odors by breaking down the odor contaminant on the molecular level without using chemicals or fragrant deodorizing agents which sometime can be cancer causing.  Customers report they are amazed that their homes have a fresh clean smell and can no longer smell the previous odor.  WashYourAir™ can even break down difficult odors such as old building smell, cigarette smell, cooking smells including curry, pet odor (sweat), pet/human urine odor, new home chemical smell & paint fumes (VOCs), dead rat odor (after removal of dead rat!), and flood & fire related odors.  Odor exist in different strengths and levels.   Feel free to call Air Fantastic at (877) 424-7326 to discuss how WashYourAir™ technology can eliminate your odor problem.

VOC & Chemicals
In the modern world we are constantly surrounded by chemicals which can be harmful.  The exhaust from cars, the chemicals from dry cleaning, new carpet, new furniture, new car, a newly build home, and even cleaning detergent can have cancerous chemicals called Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).  VOCs are added to make products look nicer such as making it look more shiny or making colors look brighter.  However, the VOC is a solid that slowly becomes a gas over time and this process is called "off gassing".   The off gassing of VOCs is a health risk since it can be cancerous.  Unlike other ions that are weak, WashYourAir™ ions are able to break down VOCs completely.  People who are chemical sensitive report that WashYourAir™ ions completely neutralize any chemicals that were introduced into their environment (i.e. pesticide spraying outside of their apartments).

MRSA (antibiotic resistant staph bacteria)
MRSA is a deadly bacteria that kills more Americans every year than AIDS (approx. 19,000 people).  Unlike viruses (Flu, Ebola, etc) which can only grow & multiply inside a body, MRSA is a bacteria that is actually a stand alone living organism that does not need a host body to reproduce and grow (can multiply on its own).  In the 1928, Dr. Fleming discovered penicillin which was the first true antibiotic to kill bacteria.  However, due to the misuse and overuse of antibiotic on humans and animals, bacteria have evolved to be immune to antibiotics.  If one Google Image "MRSA", you will see how dangerous and horrible MRSA can be. Most MRSA infections occur in the hospital, nursing homes, and prisons.   In an independent university test study (W. Texas A&M), WashYourAir™ has been proven to help eradicate MRSA.  The CAP5000 (Central Air Purifier) can be installed inside the HVAC duct work to help deliver WashYourAir™ ions over a large area.

CAP System (Central Air Purifier)
Air Fantastic's CAP systems (Central Air Purifier) are 9" or 14" probes that get installed in the HVAC systems to deliver WashYourAir™ ions over a large area.  The CAP3000 is a 9" probe that covers an area from 1,000 to 3,000 sq ft and has an average cost of $15.79/month over a period of ten years (Calculation: Cost of unit - $899 plus 4 replacement of the 2 year lamp -$249 each over 120 months).   The average sized home would have a CAP3000 installed into the HVAC system.

The CAP5000 is a 14" probe that covers an area from 2,000 to 5,000 sq ft and has an average cost of $19.95/month over a period of ten years (Calculation: Cost of unit - $1199 plus 4 replacement of the 2 year lamp -$299 each over 120 months).    In an office environment, if the CAP5000 prevents one office worker from getting sick for one day, the CAP5000 system pays for itself!    TransOcean has several CAP5000 and CAP3000 systems installed in an oil rig off the coast of India to prevent diseases from spreading among the workers that originate from the mainland.